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In this tutorial, I go over the three different types of drafting I employ in my work along with some of the basic tools. Part 2 on how to do a basic sloper coming soon!

You can find the video of the draping of my Eevee costume here -

You can find the book mentioned in the tutorial here -

You can see the Full version of the tutorial on my DeviantArt -


It does NOW!!!  :D :D :D

All I need are some dolphins and I’ll be all set.

There’s only so much that can be done in a 70’s bathroom on a shoestring budget.

But, by golly, I’m amused.

I can’t afford a real bathroom makeover with new cabinets and color replacement.

So, a little contact paper, a tiny blade and a bit of time means I have easy (and removable) tile updates.

I would have preferred blue, but this matches the tile color and was under $5 for a huge roll.

Now to add the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy details.





I need to clean this place up tomorrow and take some photos of my apartment cosplaying as Clint Barton’s apartment (the Bartment). Complete with the pyramid of sample boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the kitchen counter. 

Wait, wait—is living space cosplay a THING? Not, like, decorating with Avengers duvets *cough*, which is totally fine! But more like closet cosplay for your home? "I made my living room look like Tony’s penthouse, note the marble bar top and geometric wall sconces" type cosplay?

Or, if you’re more in my budget range, “I made my room look like Bruce’s Rocinha hovel. It took less effort than I would have liked.”

If this isn’t a thing…can it be?

Well, I did it, so it’s definitely a thing now.

It wasn’t something intentional, but a sketch of the layout of Clint’s apartment showed up on my dash, and looking at the groundplan, it’s basically my apartment. The only difference is that my bedroom/bathroom is next to the living room instead of a level above, but the positioning of the windows/kitchen/living room are all essentially the same, down to the kitchen island. And my aesthetic, much like Clint’s, is “Whatever seems useful, arranged mostly non-aesthetically, also food on the counters because cabinets are for quitters.”

I’ll take some photos tomorrow, you guys can see my creepy mask collection and squishy cheap furniture in situ. 

It’s a thing! dixiebell has parts of her house decorated like 221B from sherlock, for one. :)

My friends Isa and John have cosplayed their apartment for Supernatural.  They have the Mystery Spot hallway, Changing Channels kitchen (my personal fav), a burning Mary mural for the ceiling etc…

They’ve had the best cosplay photoshoots there.

Concerning Female Dwarves in The Hobbit


Okay, I’ve seen people complaining about people drawing female dwarves only with the wispy hairs and sideburns instead of full beards and I’m here to say STOP.

Let me explain you a thing.


These beautiful ladies with their full, luxuriant beards?

These are NOT the final design for femdorfs.

They’re fantastic but, in the end, they went in a different direction with the designs. The design book says:

"The earliest concepts had a lot of facial hair in quiet masculine growth patterns, in reference to Gimli’s comment that they might sometimes be mistaken for men (indicates the picture I have posted above), but as we went along we reduced their beards, placing more emphasis on richly adorned hair-styling that would reinforce their wealth and majesty, and help preserve their femininity."

So in the end, they omitted full beards on dwarven ladies within the movie canon. That’s why the few dwarf ladies you do see all have elaborate hairstyles, wear dresses, and only have long muttonchops and wispy hairs here and there, like these:


These are considered the final product.

It most definitely goes against the book canon. In the books, dwarf women were fully bearded and indistinguishable from men and even dressed like men. These elegantly dressed ladies aren’t exactly what Tolkien had in mind. 

But most of the things in the movies weren’t exactly right.


I’m pretty sure these incredibly attractive dwarf boys with hardly any beards at all and bodies with hardly any bulk would’ve confused Tolkien profoundly. So it’s not as if the dwarf ladies are the only things that aren’t exactly right.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t prefer dwarf ladies with bushy beards more than these peach fuzzed girlies, I’m just saying that in the movie canon there’s nothing wrong with dorfettes with muttonchops and pretty dresses.

So doodle what you want to doodle and stop trashing people for liking the movie femdorfs, okeydokey???


Female dwarves

Concept art from The Hobbit movies.


Female dwarves

Concept art from The Hobbit movies.


My favorite thing about Sweeney Todd is that they come up with their evil plan and then just make puns about it for 10 minutes and that’s the act one finale

My duo partner back in HS and I would perform A Little Priest as a warmup before going on to compete in Forensics.  







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