The other day I posted a photo from my Thrift Store shopping trip.  I needed to build some quick Steampunk costumes for my kids.  Here’s what I did.


  • Dyed, thifted pants
  • Thrifted dress shirt
  • Vest made by me.
  • Bought the pocket watch for $6.  
  • Bought hat, trimmed out with closeout sale items.

Daughter:  BTW, she won’t be still for love or money and wasn’t keen on wearing all the layers all day, so you get a dressform photo.  

  • Blouse thrifted and modified by cutting sleeves short and using the cut length to make sleeve ruffles.  
  • Skirt: $3.99 thrifted curtains for the copper fabric. Brown lace fabric and cream lace are store bought.  
  • Cummerbund/Peplum skirt: Thrifted men’s shirt (dark brown with velvet flocked stripes. OMG this thing was beautifully hideous!).  Cut the bottom of the shirt off to make the peplum, cut more off to make the cummerbund.
  • Hat: Build-a-Bear Top Hat retrimmed with leftover lace, feathers and an accent piece from the craft store.
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